A gifted and visionary wordsmith...

-Angela Kinamore, ESSENCE


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Words that entertain, challenge and inspire.

For more than 25 years, the National Black Authors Tour bestselling author and multitalented writer Eric Christopher Webb (E.WEBB?!) has entertained, challenged and inspired millions through his books, articles, speeches, spoken word and quotations. 

A gifted and visionary wordsmith . . .
(Webb) bravely speaks from the heart
and brings to light the important issues and concerns of the Black experience.
Thought-provoking, stark, booming, often controversial and definitely stimulating . . .
— The Bowie Blade-News
Eric stands, not as an atavistic nationalist, but as a revolutionary nationalist who reaches out to the ancestors to his elders and to his contemporaries and peers, so as to become a circle, to go around, returning to the source, in order to come around, changing to a proactive present.
— The late-Rob Penny poet, playwright & co-founder, The Kuntu Writers Workshop with Pulitzer Prize-Winning August Wilson
(His work) captures many troubling images of the Black community . . . shakes up the status quo . . .
— The Washington Post
. . . is the sudden pulse of a long dormant heart – a heart urging, begging, demanding new and ancient breath to return and enter into not just Black bodies, but the Black body politic . . . to read (his work) is to suffer the daggers and spears of uncomfortable truths . . . we’ve needed to hear (him) for a long, long time!
— Reginald “Reggie” Gibson poet and actor of Love Jones’ fame “Brother To The Night”
(Webb’s) poetry is intense and passionate; gritty and pictorial; provocative and challenging.
— Kimmika L.H. Williams, Ph.D. anthropologist, playwright & poet Author of Epic Memory

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