The Garvey Protocol: Inspired By True Events (2012/2013)

Webb’s debut urban conspiracy thriller named a 2013 Phillis Wheatley Book Award for First Fiction finalist. The late Hip Hop artist Tupac Shakur predicted it: America’s ‘Final Solution’ to its War on Drugs. Black men are disappearing, being abducted. And no one is asking questions. Not the media, not the police, not the government. They’re participating!

Wet Skin featuring HER RHAWNESS (2003)

The Spoken Soul CD single centerpiece to E.WEBB?!’s WET SKIN HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in 2003 whose lyrics tell a rhythmic, cautionary tale of lust, substance abuse and the consequences of unprotected sex.

P. Writings of Love, Passion & Eroticism, Vol. 1 (2002)

The title intentionally evokes the same mystery, curiosity, fascination and obsession as the subject matter it attempts to embrace.  The poetic collection is a celebration of the most intimate partnership and the divine acts that ritualize our most personal and private unions.  Most of all, P is a tribute to, and a reminder of, what has been lost in many relationships, and that is – intimacy.

Love Letters, Death Threats & Suicide Notes: New and selected poems and essays (1991-1998)(1999)

The National Black Authors Tour bestselling collection of poetry and essays, which explores the controversial issues of race, sex and identity with a passionate literary tongue laced with gentle sensuality, biting wit and often straightforward militancy. Much of the work expresses the commonality in the lust pain and rage of Black men.

Recipe for Revolution (1993)

The poetry collection, which marks the birth of the “Urban Scribe of Endangered Species” and the militant shift in the work of the burgeoning poetic voice.  The work, which also includes Webb’s illustrations, features an introduction from the late-Rob Penny, poet, playwright, mentor and co-founder of the Kuntu Writers Workshop with Pulitzer Prize-winning August Wilson.  Penny, once part of the ‘Wylie Avenue Poets,’ calls the author “a revolutionary nationalist who reaches out to the ancestors to his elders and to his contemporaries and peers, so as to become a circle, to go around, returning to the source, in order to come around, changing to a proactive present.”

Coming of Age: The Waking of Sleeping Giants (1991)

Webb’s poetic debut, heavily-influenced by the work of inspiration Langston Hughes, features a collection of his work and illustrations focusing on his discovery of history and its contradictions, African American and personal identity and his gradual move introduction to protest poetry.