Welcome to Words by Webb

        For me, my writing has always been necessary, necessary like the needs for food, drink, sex and shelter. It has sustained me through joy, sadness, rage, struggle, triumph and even redemption. It is where I first discovered the power of my voice when none would listen elsewhere, where I confronted and conquered my demons when their distractions opposed my goals, where I explored seduction and offered praise of lovemaking when women aroused my spirit as much as my body, and ultimately, where I found consolation and solace from heartbreak and loss.

        Beyond my personal reward, it is where I am urged to proclaim the truth in all its beauty as well as in all its ugliness. From offering inspiration and motivation through personal experience and revelation to raging against the injustices of the world to coerce awareness and change, my words are meant to be purposeful and transformative.

        While my commentary, books, spoken word & quotations explore a range of subjects and themes, I ultimately hope you are entertained, challenged and inspired, but most importantly, driven to return and read more.

#Welcome to Words By Webb