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By Eric Christopher Webb, DDiv., CPLC.

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How we deal with or address our past is likely the greatest threat to our own personal development.  The past can become a deadly albatross around our necks.  It can cripple and anchor us to past experiences, mistakes and regrets, making us feel powerless.

Ultimately, our inability to release or overcome our past hinders relationships, career ambition, and upward mobility.  A reason personal development experts and life coaches focus so extensively on how the past effects of our thinking and actions.  Likewise, a number of personal development systems and podcasts have been established, including The 7 Life Laws, and The Living On E Podcast, which both specifically address overcoming the past as well as other obstacles to living one’s best life.


For many, memories of our mistakes replay themselves on a continuously loop.  They stand as an unforgiving and unapologetic judge and jury, where their defendants are left vilified and convicted without regard to previous circumstances or lack of options.

With that, some people become obsessed and focused on those past indictments.  They are blinded and guaranteed to stumble and fall over the actual obstacles and issues in their present.  They fail to realize that they cannot win a race or succeed looking backwards.


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