"Frequently Looking Down On Others Is Actually Living One's Life Upside."

When we consider the fate of others, we often place ourselves on a plateau of superiority and view their decisions and mistakes through the lens of our current circumstances. We scoff, and ask ourselves: Who does that? How could they be so stupid?

We conveniently forget or overlook the missteps of our own hidden past, which lacked the scrutiny of others, and arrogantly offer ridicule, criticism, and judgement.  After all, we feel we were born above them. We are more experienced, and more sophisticated, but most importantly, we are smarter.

Ultimately, we either fail to understand, or much less care, that another person’s circumstances, options and desperation have informed or guided their decisions, and thus their subsequent fate. And under the same pressures and constraints, what would we have really done?

Undoubtedly, the same.

In life, we all do and have done regrettable things – the result of momentarily lapses in judgement, knee-jerk responses, substance-induced fogs, and quite frequently the influence, manipulation or deception of our passions.

That is the price of being human.

From overcoming those mistakes, however, whether publicly or in private, we derive compassion and empathy, and thus, elevate our humanity.

But when we fail to do so, we become less than those we attempt to judge since we have errored and endured, but learned nothing.


2018 © Eric Christopher Webb


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