“Warriors Of Life Wield An Open Heart.”

From growing up, to attending school and college, pursuing relationships, navigating careers, getting married, and starting families, life is a warrior’s journey.  Missteps during any one of these periods or processes are enough to unsettle, confound and derail lives.

To make it through, both men and women adopt varying strategies.  Some become impersonal and harden themselves, disregarding their feelings or attachments while others embrace the exact opposite, attempting to please everyone, not only avoiding conflict, but becoming overly accommodating.

And when life’s benchmarks are delayed or occur out of their traditional order, for whatever reason, some level unnecessary and scathing self-judgement and doubt, further sabotaging what they do from that moment forward.

All of these strategies or reactions lead to compromised lives. These lives are not of those who are victorious, but of those who have surrendered.  Truly living requires courage, the courage to not shy away from all aspects of experience, particularly that part that harbors the unknown, the unpredictable and the uncomfortable.

Ultimately, we must love without fearing neglect, infidelity, or heartbreak since it is that pain and experience which often prepares us to fully recognize and appreciate an ideal mate. Likewise, we must pursue our dreams without fear of criticism and failure since it is in those efforts that we refine a master plan and perfect those talents that yield success.

We are ready as life’s warriors when we accept and champion a peculiar vulnerability.  We must wield an open heart not as Achilles’ heel, or as invitation to others for abuse, but as our weapon against regret and as a rejection to the unremarkable. 

In doing so, we proudly raise our banner and truly live.


2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


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