“It Is Far Better To Be The Example Than The Critic.”

Critics don’t have any answers or solutions. They only specialize in problems.

They are pessimists hopelessly drawn to what is wrong with things and what is wrong with people. Their expertise is steeped in stagnation and the negative.  They do not show or demonstrate how nor do they really understand why.

They are the judgmental, who themselves lack creativity and originality.  In their world, self-confidence, ingenuity and faith are devoid.

For the most part, critics are often cowards. They are afraid to be in the spotlight or on stage themselves, but would rather pull other people from it.  Still, they think themselves above the audience or simple spectators. They are somehow better, wiser, even special.  They fashion themselves as gatekeepers of right, while they are simply endorsers of wrong.

Subconsciously, many are jealous or envious.  They wish they had the same courage and talent, but instead gain their relevance or importance on the backs of others’ boldness.  Refusing to dare themselves, they demean and devalue the efforts, performance or accomplishments of others under the guise of improvement or helpful suggestion.

Their service does not improve talent or spark innovation, but serves often the opposite. It misdirects plans, slows progress and ultimately destroys confidence and derails dreams.

Criticism is not motivational nor are critics teachers.

Ironically, people rarely learn from criticism, but rather from other people’s failed, but inspirational efforts to do the same.  Actions rather than words deem examples credible and worthy and so they others subsequently try.

Those who choose to be examples show people the way. They do not obsess with endless instruction or wait on others’ blessings or approval to act. They take the chance that they are smart enough, possess the talent, and that their way is right.  They bet on themselves as courageous trailblazers, and they do.

But most importantly, they lead.


2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


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