"When Few Things Are Certain, Cling To The Certainty Of One's Tenacity And Resilience"

2017 © Eric Christopher Webb

We can never be truly certain about someone else or their commitment to help us. Regardless of who they might be, friends, family members, or even spouses, commitment or dedication is often relegated to situations or circumstances despite the best intentions.

Everyone has their limits, particularly when intervening or extending one’s self on another person’s behalf or when there is risk, sacrifice or cost involved. Love, selflessness, or goodwill does not change this.

Simply put, we cannot permit ourselves to depend on the support, good graces or charity of others even though universal law requests it or even a debt demands it.

Nothing outside ourselves is ever certain. All that is certain however is who we really are as human beings and how well we know ourselves before we experience hardships or struggles. 

While good times or superficial challenges may have allowed us to either mislead others or ourselves, we cannot fool or deceive hardships and struggles.  They unveil and unmask who we really are. They are the judge and the jury forcing us to convict ourselves.

When faced with them, we will either courageously dig in our heels to stand and fight or cowardly drop everything to turn and run. And once the dust settles, we will either faithfully remain to celebrate and rebuild what we lost or we will hopelessly mourn and abandon our cause never to dare again.

We must understand our resolve, and where it is lacking, we must do all we can do to strengthen it before adversity ever happens.  The knowledge of and adherence to our tenacity and resilience is all that matters and all we can ever truly depend.



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