“We Only Get One Lifetime To Be Ourselves Why Waste It Trying To Be Someone Else?”

For many people, it’s difficult simply being themselves.

After all, the way others act and live seems to make them more accepted, more important, more glamorous, more intelligent, and more popular.  At least, so we believe.

Being one’s self means to be different.  And in society, however, difference often leads to alienation, ridicule, and rejection.

Even those who were later deemed great and ahead of their time did not find acceptance in being themselves. On the contrary, many felt alone, unappreciated and were doomed to poverty.

It can be a cursed existence with no guaranteed rewards.

Unfortunately, if these perfectly imperfect people had found their own acceptance and gratitude in their own being while they were alive, they would have overcome the psychological constraints, limitations and barriers hoisted upon them by the insecure and threatened masses who found comfort in ordinariness and conformity.

In the end, we are not meant to emulate others, following a predictable, uneventful path. It takes some a wasted lifetime to realize that.

That is not living.  

Throughout history, people have engaged mental health professionals, life coaches, mentors, yogis, and mystics seeking to find or unearth their true selves after spending much of their lives avoiding, forgetting and burying who they really were.

Each of us is unique, and is designated with an unfulfilled purpose that is ultimately interconnected with others. How we interact with them often sparks what they are innately meant to become and what we are meant to become. So, acting as another does not or will not allow us to challenge their current existence nor can we realize our own purpose being strangers to ourselves.

Who and what we really are is stimuli to a greater experiment.

When we act as others, we subsequently practice escapism from life.  We voluntarily imprison ourselves within the confines of someone else’s persona and limitations, ultimately, forfeiting the freedom that resides in simply being ourselves.

2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


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