“The Wise Do Not Fight Against The Strength Of Their Enemies, But Against The Weakness Of Themselves.”

No one can defeat us.

We always defeat ourselves.

When we lose in battle or competition, we surrender through our own arrogance, vanity, ignorance, procrastination, laziness, lack of preparation, low self-esteem and vices.

If we fight against the strength of our enemies, we are destined for underestimation and subsequent failure.  There is no actual way to predict or understand who and what our foes possess at their disposal. Therefore, making it our priority and strategy is totally illogical when what we do know and have total control over is our own psychology, inability, and vices.

Therefore, we are defeated not because someone else is smarter than us. It is that we failed to study more. It is not that someone else is faster and more proactive. It is that we procrastinated. It is not that someone else was more strategic.  It is that we were overly-confident and failed to plan.

For advantage, our enemies always capitalize on our own failures.

We give others more power than they deserve by placing the outcome of our battle on their shoulders and in their hands. When doing so, we embrace an inferior status and deny our responsibility in the engagement.

First of all, it accepts limits and designates another as the gold standard. We no longer explore and push the boundless limits of our abilities, but rather we gauge our preparation and readiness to the extent of someone else.

Lastly, it ignores the possibility that our own vices may lead to our victory’s derailment. We can be superior on all fronts against our enemy.  We can be stronger, be more experienced, be more talented, be more knowledgeable and be more committed, but our own vices may overshadow it all and forfeit our victory. Such is often the case.

2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


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