“Never Forget The Storm So That One Can Appreciate The Sunshine.”

When we are faced with various hardships, uncertainty reigns over what we should do or whether we will even survive. 

Speculation alone can be devastating. At times, doom feels eminent.  Still, we labor and suffer through it. We endure sadness, pain, depression, regret and anger. We negotiate to survive and we sacrifice to survive.

In the end, we may lose everything we thought was important, but we survive.  

Our struggle is a gift.  Its value is not in self pity or in victimhood, but in its necessity.

Without it, we would not be able to determine how far we have come or what we could endure.  While we should not wallow or obsess about our past mistakes, we should use them as testaments to our strength and reference points for our gratitude.

Gratitude, in itself, offers us fresh eyes to what we confront daily.  It allows us to temper our reaction to challenges and hardships.   It grounds us and guides us. But most of all, it offers us undeniable hope – hope that we will find a way through.

Ironically, current successes, achievements and materialism — the sunshine — do not necessarily invoke gratitude.  On the contrary, what they provide is contentment, and unfortunately through it, many become pacified, entitled and forgetful.

And in that forgetting, our previous journey and its sacrifices become diminished, and thus the new and different struggles we encounter become insurmountable.

2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


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