“Society’s Most Generous Offering Is Usually Its Ignorance.”

 Sadly, people rarely rise above themselves or their most base nature.

Disrespect, prejudgment, bigotry, sexism, Islamaphobia, gossip and just plain meanness are in abundance these days. It’s similar to a mob mentality, where the public continues to encourage and escalate with each occurrence.

After all, it’s much easier to embrace the lowest common denominator. Ignorance is everywhere and quite simply, society welcomes and rewards it.

We see it every Halloween as white teens and college students don blackface while their parents or elders have continued to compare the nation’s first African American First Lady Michelle Obama to a monkey and criticized her intelligence despite the fact her beauty has not only been praised, but graced the covers of America's top beauty and fashion magazines. They also ignored her backgroundas an Ivy League-educated attorney. Muslim Americans are even thrown off airlines for speaking Arabic because it made others “feel uncomfortable.”

While some face repercussions for their actions, those consequences have done little to stem the tide, especially when many feel their half-hearted, but public apology will make things all better until the next time.

And lest we also not forget, our President-elect of the United States, Donald Trump who based his entire winning campaign on ignorance, disguising his bigoted and sexist ramblings and venom as “telling it like it is” and being counter to the country’s so-called obsession with liberal, political correctness.

For many, ignorance is a badge of honor that people are more than willing to display and proclaim. In the end, to not be ignorant takes patience, courage, and most of all, common sense, all of which are in short supply today.


2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


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