“Persistence Breaks The Will Of The Impossible.”

2017 © Eric Christopher Webb


Most people aren’t born wealthy or with unparalleled, athletic prowess, intellectual genius, or artistic mastery. The fate or destiny of many is often dictated by their hard work, focus, discipline, faith, and commitment to their goals. All these together comprise persistence.

It is the job seeker’s submission of yet another application and resume after years of “thank you for your interest letters” and no interviews; the aspiring author’s continued agent queries on his supposedly, unmarketable, all-American novel; or the aspiring actor with no experience, who travels to New York, works as a waiter or bartender at night and takes acting classes and auditions for roles during the day in pursuit of a successful acting career.

Quite simply, persistence is continuous pressure against obstacles that are deemed a challenge or said to be impossible.

Indeed, persistence is what separates many from success and failure.

Still, persistence is not always without complaint. As humans, we need to vent after any prolonged effort, but in the end, we must use our frustration with our current situation or circumstances to inspire and strengthen our resolve to persist.

With time, we must understand, focused pressure can penetrate anything. So, what we do and how long we do it makes all the difference in the world. For example, if our efforts aren’t particularly effective or creative the span of time in which we must employ them to finally achieve success lengthens greatly, but it is not impossible.

Now, if our efforts are more informed and strategic, an extensive length of time may not be as necessary, but rather simple consistency may serve us in realizing our goal.

Still, persistence alone cannot guarantee success for the inept or inexperienced, but those who are courageous enough with average skill and basic know-how, like David, can become capable to bring down giants.

Another intrinsic ingredient in persistence is courageousness. Courageousness is often necessary because persistence sometimes translates as boldly taking that one more step into or through the darkness.

Let’s be honest, persistence can be scary since it’s much easier to simply quit rather than endure more of the same struggle, rejection or hardship or even something far worse than what one has already faced in the pursuit.

Courageousness is exhibited through persistence when others give up only a few steps shy of the unseen finish line while another summons the remaining ounce of strength and endurance to move through the pain and exhaustion to victory.

It is also shown through the miner who has sank his entire savings into “his claim,” labored for years without reward, and is nearing financial ruin, but digs one more shovel of dirt to unearth the hidden diamonds or treasure concealed only by a few more inches of earth, where others had previously abandoned the task.

In the end, persistence pushes us forward without any guarantees of immediate success or any less future struggle, but with the promise that we will eventually achieve.


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