“Time Unmasks Imposters.”

People will always appear as we want them to be, until, of course, they are not. 

With our friendships and intimate relationships, we have an idea or archetype in our mind of who our friends and lovers should, or will be. 

With every new encounter or introduction, we make a decision, regardless of whether they are or they are not.

Ultimately, our desire often overpowers our perception and fuels an illusion.   Many times, we know exactly who or what people are, but choose to ignore it, hoping or believing we can change them or will them into who or what we desire them to be. 

At times, they lie. They play the role as carnival fortunetellers observing our “tells,” as poker players call them, and mirror or regurgitate what we want to hear and offer what we want them to give.

But, most times, however, they are honest and either tell us, or show us exactly who they are.

Still, we believe we can be Pygmalion, the Greek mythological character, who fell in love with one of his sculptures, which then came to life. 

In a sense, we are children playing with dolls.  In the beginning, we demand they bend to our will.  We go as far as selecting the clothes, dictate their likes or dislikes and steer their behavior.  Sometimes, they pretend or play along and we delude ourselves.

For the most part, we failed miserably.  

Despite all our efforts, however, time is the great equalizer.  People soon grow frustrated or tired of the charade and shed the skin we have stretched over them.

And in the end, we fault the individual for the alleged deception when it is we who have deceived ourselves.


2016 © Eric Christopher Webb

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