if we could only be for a season

if we could only be for a season,

let us arrive at the end of winter and the conception of spring

long after the lessons of change have scattered yesterday’s mistakes and regrets

ready to breathe life into fallen leaves, whose withered and broken bodies

now enrich the bitter, parched earth,

and if we dare,

make it dark and fertile for love to grow. . .


© 2009 by Eric Christopher Webb


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The WordsByWebb blog distributes a weekly quotation and reflection every Tuesday from National Black Authors Tour bestselling author and multi-talented writer Eric Christopher Webb (E.WEBB?!) to inspire, motivate and encourage personal development of its readers. The blog also regularly shares news, updates, new poetry and excerpts of the writer’s latest work.  Webb, a spoken word artist, former Washington News Correspondent for Thomson Newspapers and nationally-syndicated Soul Searching columnist, has also been featured in movies, music videos, commercials and literary documentaries on HBO, BET Weekend’s Evening of Spoken Word, BET’s Rap City, Video Jukebox, The Party Machine, The Learning Channel, Voice of America and XM Radio.  He is  the author of five books, including "The Garvey Protocol: Inspired By True Events," a 2013 Phillis Wheatley Book Award Finalist for First Fiction and the National Black Authors Tour bestseller, "Love Letters, Death Threats & Suicide Notes."  He has also contributed to numerous anthologies, journals and magazines. Visit: wordsbywebb.com

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