“One Is Either On Stage Or In The Audience.”

Where have we decided to be?  Are we the paid actors in life’s great drama or are we the spectators who pay to watch our lives pass by?

Those on stage are the stars.  They choose to live their lives and seize their destinies. They try, suffer, fail, cry, fall in love, break up, laugh, succeed and find their soul mates.  Some live happily ever after while others don’t.

Those in the audience, instead, pay to watch.  They sacrifice their time as others do what they dream.   They observe, criticize, fantasize, question, point fingers and ultimately, doubt themselves, but never act.  And in the end, they regret.

Too often, however, people believe they are on the stage when they are merely departing the audience for the lobby.  They think they are living because they are no longer waiting and watching, but mingling or networking with others, but in reality, they are only engaging with others like themselves.  They are talking about life instead of living it and getting refreshments instead of gaining inspiration.

The perspective from the stage and the feeling it encourages is different.  It’s a courageous focus.  It’s also exciting and unexpected. 

But most importantly, it’s a position of control and accountability, where one can not only relish the experience, but own it.

On stage, everyone can bask in the spotlight of celebrity and living while unfortunately, those in the audience are doomed to lurk in the shadows of obscurity and existence. 

Ultimately, the stage is where the action is while the audience is where the reaction is, receiving cues from others to laugh, cry, and applaud.


Eric Christopher Webb © 2016


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