“Nothing Creates More Enemies Than Confidence.”

Most people are unsure and insecure.  From birth, people are told they are not good enough, not pretty enough, or not smart enough while others live in or are overwhelmed by the shadows of their parents’ or siblings’ accomplishments.  A good many never overcome it.  So, they carry it with them all their lives. It becomes part of their collection of baggage.  Often times, what’s inside that baggage reveals itself when faced with its opposite - confidence.

To be confident is to make a decision to separate one’s self from the masses.  It is not only a choice to not be ordinary, but rather it is the acceptance of being extraordinary.  It empowers those who embrace it.  Confidence reinforces hope, but most importantly, it demands to be recognized.

For others, however, confidence is intimidating and threatening.  When people demonstrate it, those who are not, see confidence as an act of rebellion, or an act of war against them personally, so they attack.  

How dare they be different?  How dare they believe they are better?

Those who lack confidence refuse to be inspired by those with it.  Instead, they demand that others rejoin them – one way or another.  It is now their job to teach them a lesson or to convince them otherwise. 

They initially charge that the confident are conceited, too sure of themselves.  When the confident dare to reveal their ideas or dreams, they criticize them, question their feasibility or over exaggerate the challenge. 

And if the confident remain undaunted, they exercise unnecessary scrutiny and begin to deploy other tactics.  They challenge, delay or even find ways to sabotage their innovative projects with so-called “suggestions” or “recommendations” when ironically these are the same people who never realized anything was wrong with the previous ways of doing things.

In the end, they do whatever they can to destroy the reputations or efforts of the confident until they relent.

Eric Christopher Webb (c) 2016


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