"Simple Lives Have Simple Problems."

In Eastern teachings, simplicity has long been the key to harmonious and happy lives. Buddhism has argued that much of our suffering is tied to attachments. These attachments often spur difficult choices along with the emotional burden that accompanies them. Ultimately, we stress over choices, choices, we, ourselves, have complicated.

In our relationships, we either mislead each other about our expectations, not get what we want and then harbor bitterness toward our partners or are involved intimately with more than one person, subsequently lie about it, and in the end, have to deal with the fall out.

We fill our lives with things often times more than what we need, can afford, or have time to maintain. We frustrate ourselves with deciding what to cook after we’ve filled our refrigerators and pantries with food that will never be eaten and, ultimately, wasted.

We maintain massive wardrobes, labor over mounds of laundry, and ultimately clutter our closets with old clothes we haven’t worn in years or that no longer fit. And then, each morning, stare into closets, try on multiple outfits, and stress about what to wear making ourselves late for work, ultimately, disrupting our day before it has even begun.

Work also takes on greater importance in our lives. We become unhappily committed to it not because we find purpose in what we do, but because we require and fear losing it, since it maintains the material things we already deemed necessary.

Soon, thoughts about our jobs occupy our minds during our private moments, taint our moods, and subsequently influence or sabotage our personal lives.

Rarely do we ever realize that more is not necessarily better or fulfilling, but rather is frequently a sign of less or lacking and the desire or effort for it only promotes confusion or distraction from actual happiness, and does nothing more than cultivates a cycle of addiction to maintain it.


-          Eric Christopher Webb © 2016

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