“When Negativity Is Epidemic, Inoculate One’s Self With Hope.”

People are generally negative because it’s easier and requires no belief, no thought, and ultimately, no vision.

They can’t see anything better or anything good in their present or even in the near future. In their minds, ironically, they are especially cursed or doomed since they believe they are the only ones who have ever faced their particular challenges.

Their problems are insurmountable, and, thus, they have no solutions.

Even more so, they are not open to advice or suggestions from anyone because it will never address their unique circumstances. They have tried everything, or, at least, so they say. And nothing ever goes their way.

They remain in a constant state of lacking.

The reason is they cannot see how others’ situations may be worse or how their situations have gotten better over time. Instead, they compare themselves to others who possess more and continuously focus on what they don’t have.

Quite simply, they not only lack gratitude, but also hope.

Each day, they complain, again and again, not for genuine help or to vent, but until their negativity becomes contagious and they have succeeded in recruiting converts.

Those, however, who are hopeful and grateful, can withstand the contagion.

We must understand that negativity breeds negativity, and when one succumbs, one’s destiny becomes predetermined and self-fulfilling.

Negativity makes people blind and cultivates a wasteland. People easily overlook solutions and opportunities right in front of them and those who would willingly rescue us and share their abundance are repulsed and deflected.

When we are hopeful, however, we see beyond our situation and our problems. We are blessed with new eyes and a new energy. Hope allows us to look forward to tomorrow not with worry and fear, but with courage and anticipation. We suddenly begin to attract opportunities and those who live lives of abundance and success begin to welcome our company.

Soon, we instinctively realize that it is only a matter of time before things get better and the future becomes no longer a burdensome, curse, but a promising, reward.


2016 © Eric Christopher Webb



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