“Our First Love Affair Must Always Be With Ourselves.”

We should never love anyone more than we love ourselves.

Still, we swear our undying love to others, make sacrifices for them and tolerate their mistreatment despite how it negates our goals, dreams, humanity and self-love.

We endure mentally and physically abusive relationships. We constantly relent to selfish or overly-dependent friends, mates, siblings or parents, placing our dreams and lives on hold.

Ironically, when we do so we believe we become special, more worthy or somehow, an irreplaceable companion, or mate, but in actuality, we become quite the opposite. We become uninteresting, ordinary, and easily neglected.

People understand that things and people of the greatest worth are cherished, valued, and earned. When they are not, they are of no use.

Therein lays the importance of self-love.

Ultimately, loving ourselves not only establishes an expectation and a justification for the love they must give us, but also provides them a glimpse into how deeply and intensely we can love them.

When we love ourselves first, we proclaim our pricelessness. We look differently. We talk differently. We act differently. We are our own national treasure, an irreplaceable, object of desire and necessity.

Subsequently, people notice and they act accordingly. Those who are ready, adjust to accommodate us and remain. Their own love for themselves is confirmed and allows us both to celebrate true love together.

Others realize they don’t love themselves as much, but love us enough to not waste our time and leave, or simply leave because they never intended us any good in the first place.

They, instead, are forced to examine what love means and not only whether they love us, but rather do they believe themselves worthy of love.


 2016 © Eric Christopher Webb


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