“Life Has No Dead Ends Only Creative Detours Forward.”

When we suffer romantic break-ups and divorce, job loss, academic failures, criminal arrests and records, as well as, poor health, we are at a loss of what to do next. Our future prospects, at best, seem bleak, and for some, our world seems over.

We tell ourselves no one will want us or love us again. We don’t know how to do anything else. We are not smart enough. No one will hire us. Everyone will always see us for our past. We will never get better or will even die soon. .

We believe we are staring at a brick wall or at the end of road. For us, there is no way forward.

Life, however, is nothing more than a journey. Each decision we make is a different road, a road that takes us to the next destination or, rather the next stage in our lives.

Roads vary. Some are smooth, while others are unpaved, covered in potholes, or flooded and washed out. Still more are heavily-congested, and ultimately, bring us temporarily to a standstill.

And then, there are those roads that may seem to be dead ends, but simply are the times for detours. The issue is, however, that some detours are not easily detected or navigated causing some to become disillusioned and quit.

But if we don’t and determine that there are detours, we must also realize that our detours may require some thought and creativity, but more specifically they may require preparation, speed and timing.

We may need to get counseling, job training or additional education, learn to study more and differently, be more diligent, or be willing to accept unfavorable, low paying jobs to save enough to start our own businesses. Others times, we may need to seek second or third opinions, try alternative therapies or treatments or even make lifestyle changes.

Ultimately, however, for the detours to matter, we must have an open mind, open heart, and the courage to travel them.

 2016 © Eric Christopher Webb


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