"We Are Always The Perfect Us, But The Imperfect Somebody Else.”

Despite how others want or think we should be, we have already been perfectly defined to be who we are. When people say we are imperfect, they focus on our present shortcomings or measure us against others, who have reached their lives’ ideal destinations.

In doing so, they fail to understand the necessity and impact of our current or past experiences on our lives, or fail to compensate for where each person is in their own development or journey.

A person’s life is not a template for another to follow nor were any of us meant to be prototypes to be replicated. What works for us may not work for someone else. Experiences vary and how we react to them ultimately become dramatically different.

After all, shortcomings, whether physical or personality-based, and the experiences incurred from them are temporary, but can be permanently instructive. And while we may vary in desired body shape or look and exhibit bad habits or errors in judgment, we would fail to contribute to our personal masterpiece without them. These so-called shortcomings and the struggle we overcome ultimately deepen our character and richly define us.

We and others must realize where we are on our journey. No one else can change or make us better nor should that ever be their endeavor. They can, however, expose us to new experiences, but it is our intrinsic makeup, which decides how these experiences will awaken or enhance our story.

It is always our job to embrace what complements who we are meant to be and usher ourselves forth.

Still, few people reach their destination of development. Many choose to either quit or remain stagnant in one phase or another of their lives.

Regardless, they are still no less and are who they are, possessing all of their perfect potential. They, but resemble the caterpillar who fails to crawl into or emerge from his cocoon — an infant or unrealized butterfly.

And destiny remains and can be the only judge of perfection.


Eric Christopher Webb © 2016


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