“The Most Dangerous Criminal Steals Our Time.”

Security systems and vicious dogs protect our homes. Safes, safety deposit boxes, and banks secure our jewelry, stocks, bonds, cash and our most important documents. Companies are also paid to protect our identities from theft, and ultimately, fraud.

But we do little, if anything, to safeguard our most precious commodity and treasure – our time. For without it, ironically, nothing gets done and we fail to become what we were meant to be.

Over the years, we have held onto one-sided friendships even after being plagued by disappointment or betrayal time and time again.

We stay in relationships going nowhere, under the delusion of companionship and great sex with no semblance of a future.

We remain in dead end jobs or well-paying, but unfulfilling careers, daring not to pursue our dreams under the guise of financial security.

And we partner with people in our businesses that lack the same goals, dedication, or agenda simply due to their willingness to be in any business.

At what point do we guard against or thwart those who would steal our time? And when and how do we quantify and value it?

While those who steal our time are dangerous, it is we, who allow them to do so, almost gifting our dreams in exchange for their distraction. When we disregard are destinies and dreams as if they can wait or wager everything on an unforeseen future to recoup our lost opportunity, others deem us as a willing sacrifice that is accepting of their abuse.

It does not depict us as selfless, but instead, our lack of value for our time demonstrates low self-esteem and a total lack of self-respect.

If we do not value our time, how can we expect others to do so?

Accountability and due diligence is the key.

We must identify and establish friendships with the same scrutiny we utilize before the purchase of our cars.

In our relationships, we must be open and honest with our expectations, not believing people will change eventually or that we can somehow change their minds.

We must also always be true to ourselves when deciding on careers and preparing ourselves for them since it is we alone who must fulfill our dreams not the dreams of others.

And lastly, we must only partner with people in businesses that have the same vision and passion for the endeavor as they would have in defending their own lives since success requires similar commitment and dedication.


2016 © Eric Christopher Webb


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