“Courage Is The Intrinsic Ingredient In The Recipe Of Resilience.”

When one has fallen or feels defeated, we are lost and the road back is a treacherous one. According to Shakespeare, we were the tragic hero, who was defeated by our own tragic flaw.  To return, it will take the form of a rebirth.  We are Lazarus, and even Osiris, having to come together after being conquered and torn into pieces.

Ultimately, we must reach or find our bottom and dare to stand up.  It will take much for us to find our way: humility, patience, and strength.  Overall, however, it begins with courage, but not the kind of courage it takes to be victorious in a physical fight, or war, but a decisive and faithful courage, and the will to be better, to be more.

To begin, we must cast away self-pity and the blame of others, and at the same time, acknowledge our part in our downfall.  But most importantly, we must forgive ourselves for our transgression.  To do this, we are forced to gaze in the mirror and admit we allowed ourselves to be weak, vulnerable, or deceived, and are, thus, human. 

Most fear our foes will see blood in the water, circle and prey upon us, so they refuse to humble themselves, and in the end, they remain stuck.  Ultimately, few want to change regardless, but fewer still want to endure more suffering in the process, but we must.  Before us is a gauntlet to navigate.  We face not only those who attacked, or tried to destroy us, but those we shamed, wronged, or betrayed. 

We, and they, are an open wound, but with time and perseverance, there is healing.

During our sojourn, still, we will be scrutinized with untrusting eyes and discouraged at every turn.  And in hopes that we are insincere and backslide, we will be baited or attacked again.  Even so, we will also be tempted to relent or even to rebel against our personal revolution.

Why bother? We ask ourselves.  After all, it is far easier to embrace what we have been branded, or by wallowing in our won bitterness and rage, become a much worse creation.

Courage, however, leads us to reject those narratives and moves us forward to vindication.


2016 © Eric Christopher Webb


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