“One’s Past Does Not Require Visitors.”

For many, the past is both personified and immortalized. It becomes special – a demon that haunts us or a jailer that imprisons us, not only temporarily, but for an eternity. We return to it, obsessed over it, and visit it almost incessantly.

Fortunately, our past is not our enemy nor is it our coveted friend.  And with that, it should not be feared, but rather faced through our commitment to move beyond it. Therefore, our past should not be missed, sought after, or clung to. The past does not require our loyalty. As a matter of fact, it is our duty to betray it, remembering that while the past doesn’t change, we must.

Our past is not history. It has no permanence nor does it have any shared responsibility. It is merely a moment or segment in time, our time. Unlike history, we do not have to embrace an incident in our past as a turning point for humanity or even our lives, but simply a lesson and a test to make us better individually.

For others, however, the past is still seen as an insurmountable obstacle, a burden, or a debt that can never be satisfied, but it can and should be, through our forgiveness, and only we have the power to grant.

Ultimately, our past makes us alone accountable and forgiveness offers us freedom.  It breaks the chains and tethers of our past and ushers us forward.

And while the past should not be forgotten, it also should not be revered either, especially since it is in our present, where we are truly saved or doomed.


2016 © Eric Christopher Webb


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